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Behind the Scenes
A look at what goes on in my writing world

I put all my covers together to make a Facebook banner.
Facebook Banner Image 2017

This origami swam is a folded manuscript page taken from my next release,
Butterfly Bride, Regency historical romance.

Isn't it darling?
This is our snowfall from last week (January 17, 2018). As you can see, we didn't get much. Sierra, our Beagle girl is checking it out. My husband says all we really got was a good coating of sleet. Which meant a lot of ice on the roads and a lot of car accidents as folks skidded into each other. Southeast Alabama isn't exactly known for snow or sleet.
Su (of Earthly Charms) has been helping me update my "look" to include a new website banner as well as some new covers for my books. I've spent most of the summer revamping my website and updating the interior of my ebooks as well as redoing several covers. The latest covers to join the party are these. Enjoy!

The idea for new covers started with
Stealing Destiny's cover. I couldn't figure out a way to give Ransom's Bride a similar look. The books have some common characters and I wanted readers to know they were related stories.
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As you can see, I think we've achieved that goal.