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Love to the Rescue
A Tassanoxie Short Story


A relationship gone wrong shattered Amanda’s self-confidence and makes her leery of relationships. Especially with the firefighter who moves into her apartment complex. She’s attracted to Joe, but he already has a girlfriend which means hands off as far as Amanda is concerned.

That doesn’t mean she can’t check him out, but every time she’s around him, something goes awry. It’s just as well he has a girlfriend because he must think she’s the world biggest klutz.

Or does he have a girlfriend?

Read an excerpt below…

Chapter 1

“Cute buns to the right, headed for the dumpster,” Leah said as she climbed into the passenger seat of my car.

Curiosity turned my head. Across the parking lot, I saw Joe, the latest male addition to my apartment complex. I could pretend disinterest, but my sister would badger me to check him out because he’s around my age, breathing, and male. The only way I could cut her off was to let her know he had a girlfriend.

Regret twanged through me. “His name is Joe, he moved in last weekend, and he has a girlfriend.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. You must be interested in him.”

“Not really.”
Liar, liar, pants on fire. Joe Tilden was enough to turn any female’s head and keep it turned. Except I didn’t need any head-turning guys in my life right now. Since I couldn’t tell the good guys from the bad guys, I didn’t need any guy in my life period.

I tossed my purse in the back seat and kept my head down to make sure Leah couldn’t see my face as I slid into the driver’s seat. My older sister reads me like book sometimes and I sure wasn’t interested in dissecting the past, again.

“Then, where’d you learn so much about him?” she asked.

“My neighbor, Mrs. Baumgartner. You’d like Mrs. B, she thinks I need a boyfriend, too.” I was going to burn in hell for eternity if I kept lying like this. Well, this was more a lie of omission. Mrs. B had told me about Joe, but I was omitting the fact I’d met him briefly before she told me about him.

I’d come to think of it as the “dumpster incident.” Although I tried not to think about it at all, because I prefer not to dwell on the embarrassing incidents in my life. Especially one that involves a guy as good looking as Joe.

But my brain seldom cooperates. And I find it difficult to erase any of my numerous humiliating experiences. They have a tendency to haunt me rather than disappear, and the dumpster incident haunted me big time.