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Meet Ginger
When she was 12 years old, Ginger won her first writing contest with a short story about her puppy. Encouraged by winning a pen set, she decided to become a writer. This decision led her to take journalism and creative writing classes while in college. Her personal essays, short stories, and articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. She also did a stint as a clean up writer/copy editor on Federal Aviation Administration handbooks.

A history major in college, she married her love of storytelling with the past to write her first novel. Set in Roman England, not one of the many publishers she contacted fell in love with it. Several manuscripts later, a major publishing house published her two Civil War historical romances. Ginger ventured next into the Regency period and now has two published Regency novels.

Ginger also writes contemporary romance. Publication of two novels and a short story marked the start of her ongoing series set in Tassanoxie, Alabama. She expanded the series with a novella and two short stories when she established Saderra Publishing. While her historical romances tend to be sensual and action-packed, her sweet romances, feature the lives and loves of everyday people living in the imaginary town of Tassanoxie, Alabama. The home of second chances at love, this small-town setting was an easy choice because Ginger lives in southeast Alabama with her husband and various rescued pets.

A selection of humorous essays and a writing skills e-book on dialogue round out her current published list.

Six More Things About Me

  • Navy brat (or if politically correct, “junior”)
  • Army wife
  • Coast Guard mom
  • Adopter of rescued dogs
  • Practitioner of Tai Chi
  • Book collector